Real ageless beauty deserves the genuine. This is the Official Site of Tatiomax Glutathione.

Tatiomax Glutathione has been known as the efficient brand of reduced glutathione food supplement. Since the onset of its local distribution, the efficiency of Tatiomax reduced Glutathione injectable has been proven by its ever-increasing demands. This has been backed up by recommendations from credible dermatologists.

Perhaps upon seeing its market potential, scammers unfortunately used the brand name Tatiomax and the company name T/M Pharma Co. selling fake products to the unaware consumers. These are products that were not approved by the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs Association (BFAD), and were re-packed using the old Tatiomax packaging and also pretending to be affiliated with T/M Pharma Co, who is the official distributor.

In response to this unlawful and hazardous act, T/M Pharma decided to put up this official Tatiomax Glutathione web site for the proper information and the safety of our dear consumers. Feel free to browse through our pages and learn more about the genuine Tatiomax Glutathione products that are officially marketed and distributed by T/M Pharma.

Additionally, we are now using our new logo and packaging for our new Tatiomax Glutathione Softgels and Tatiomax Maximum Slimming Softgels that are the firsts in the Philippines to make it easier for you to distinguish the fake from the real. For further information on the authenticity of the products, you may check out our Notice to the Public. You will also see the genuine Tatiomax products that T/M Pharma Co. officially distributes at this time.

Moreover, T/M Pharma Co. is now launching another breakthrough in ageless beauty - the Tatiomax Glutathione Liquid softgel. Introduced on 23 August 2012, this is the first in the Philippine Market. Any other person claiming to sell it prior to this date is selling a fake product. Read through our online press release.

T/M Pharma Co. aims to provide comprehensively high quality food supplements that would help boost consumer wellness in the Philippines. This is also its reason for bringing Tatiomax Glutathione in our country. Furthermore, we encourage you to be vigilant as your health and wellness is vital. It is best to stop taking the fake products as it is detrimental to your health. You are a real person that could have a real ageless beauty so you deserve to take the genuine Tatiomax Glutathione products.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.
Tatiomax Maximum Slim Softgel Capsule 1500mg
Promote weight loss Fat Metabolism
Boost Energy & Stamina Fight anti aging & imflammation
Calorie Burning Increase sex appetite
Tatiomax Maximum Slimming Softgel formula is also effective because it contains polyphenols anti oxidant compounds that have the capacity to neutralized free radicals produced by regular exercise. And that's important when you are trying to get in shape.
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